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Moruga Drum - The Band

Moruga Drum is a street percussion band on Pisa that play typical instruments used in Brazilian batucada, but is contaminated by other kinds of music and not traditional rhythms (like rock, African, Arabic, pop, etc.). Our performances are not only musical, but we offer a visual spectacle, combining our music with dance and choreography.
Every piece is designed to combine steps and gestures with the rhythm of the music, creating engaging choreography. Let yourself be conquered by our energy!

Upcoming Concerts

The next three Moruga Drum's concerts. To view all our past and future dates visit the Calendar of concerts.

Moruga Drum’s Concerts Calendar

Blue Night, Pisa

Sabato 17/12/2016 During the Pisa's Blue Night Moruga Drum will make you dance from 18:30 in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, then from 19:40 and from 22:00 in Piazza del Carmine.

Eleven Moons of Winter, Peccioli (PI)

Venerdì 06/01/2017 During the Eleven Moons of Winter, the Moruga Drum band will give you three performances from 15:00 to 18:00. We wait you!!

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Prove e Corso principianti

Dove proviamo?

Le prove della band Moruga Drum si svolgono a Pisa, al Centro Passi, il mercoledì e il sabato, ogni settimana.

Corsi Moruga per principianti

LE ISCRIZIONI AL NOSTRO CORSO PRINCIPIANTI SONO AL MOMENTO CHIUSE. Avviseremo direttamente sul sito web e sulla pagina riguardo la loro riapertura.


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